So, here I am

2017-05-18 19:49 GMT+02:00 Arun Isaac <>:

Oh, I thought the next genshi release was just around the corner. I
didn't realize that development was stalled. Ok, then. If other distros
are using these patches without problems, let's also have python3 genshi
and relatorio packages.

But, let's build trytond with python2. GNU Health still needs trytond
3.8, and trytond 3.8 only supports python2.

I though about this a bit more

Tryton is an autonomous framework, it can be used without GNUHealth and with no relation to it

Someone might want to use it with python3.

I myself could be involved in a project that uses Trytond and has no relationship whatsoever with GNUHealth.
This should be in september.

When and if I will package GNUHealth, we'll see how to arrange things

It might depend on python2-trytond or I might wait for a newer version that depends on a current Tryton

So for now I send this as it was, with some corrections.

Please let me know