2017-05-17 7:54 GMT+02:00 Arun Isaac <arunisaac@systemreboot.net>:

>> In any case, tryton needs only python2-genshi.
> Out of curiosity: how can you say this ?
> The Fedora package uses both Genshi and Relatorio with Python 3

I was looking at the Arch Linux packages in the AUR as a reference. Arch
has tryton packaged with python 2. But, I just checked the "Programming
Language" metadata in the setup.py of the tryton and trytond source
tarballs. It seems that tryton supports python 2.7, while trytond
supports python 2.7 and 3.5.

So, yes, you're right. At least for trytond, we could use python
3.5. But, considering the complexity of packaging (patching and all)
genshi for python 3.5, I think we should just wait for the python3.5
genshi to be properly ready and use python2 in the meantime. WDYT?

I know that the Guix poliicy is to let upstream do its homework.

But in this case I would keep the patched Genshi

In fact, if you read the most recent thread in the Genshi google group:


 you can deduce that:

  1. the patches have been used by mainstream distros for almost 2 years now, if I understand correctly
  2. the development of Genshi is stalled. The last contribution (adding travis) was 2 years ago

what is being deployed by other distros already is, substantially, the new Genshi release

And unless someone steps up in maintaning the project, there won't be a formal release anytime soon