guix --version returns "guix (GNU Guix) 20161013.22". My config.scm included (firmware (cons openfwwf-firmware %base-firmware)). I was using a patch provided by bavier from irc to provide openfwwf-firmware (here is the patch I created /root/guix-modules/gnu/packages/firmware.scm, which was the patched version. When I tried running "guix system reconfigure --load-path=/root/guix-modules /etc/config.scm" it said that it could not find openfwwf-firmware. I then ran "export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=/root/guix-modules" and then ran "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm" and it successfully found openfwwf-firmware and reconfigured the system. That's why I think --load-path is not being honored.

I'm guessing that to reproduce, I should boot to the system configuration I had at the time and try the same thing. So I tried rebooting to the system I had at that time, but it seems to have failed to successfully boot... screen is stuck black right now, will try some more later. Just wanted to provide more details in the meantime.

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 2:24 PM, Ludovic Courtès <> wrote:

Blah Blahh <> skribis:

> Worked fine when I set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH, did not when I tried using -
> -load-path to pass the exact same directory. According to mark_weaver
> from #guix it should, so here I am to mention it. Specifically I used
> "guix system reconfigure --load-path=/root/guix-modules
> /etc/config.scm" and it did not search in that directory, then I set
> GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH to /root/guix-modules and ran the command without
> the --load-path part and it found the package defined in a module in a
> subdirectory of it.

I just tried and it Works for Me with current master.

What does ‘guix --version’ return?  What makes you think ‘--load-path’
is not honored, perhaps because you’re using ‘specification->package’ in