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Eus <eus@member.fsf.org> skribis:

> When downloading substitutes via wireless connection, several times I
> encountered a case where the host name of hydra cannot be
> resolved. So, the "guix system init" fails and suggests the use of
> "--fallback" option. However, rather than continuing with "guix system
> --fallback init", one should actually try "dhclient -v
> WIRELESS_INTERFACE_NAME" first and then do "guix system init" again
> instead of "guix system --fallback init". My installation process is
> now going well with this strategy. Previously, I kept using
> "--fallback" that didn't solve the problem due to network connectivity
> error because using "--fallback" brought up built errors.

Are you installing GuixSD 0.10.0?


I would personally find it weird to warn about the possibility of losing
Internet connection.  This is outside the scope of GuixSD, in a way.

I suggest that to balance the suggestion of using "--fallback" option when guix fails to download some substitutes.
So, what about if instead of warning in the installation doc, the guix suggestion on using "--fallback" option also carries information on the possibility of lost network connection?

However, in the past people reported that nscd, the name service cache
daemon, would sometimes fail without any good reason.  If you think that
is the case, then this is definitely a bug that we should be
That is likely. How to debug nscd? Any option perhaps to make it more verbose?


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