gio mount unusable on many setups, likely caused by missing dependencies

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raingloom wrote on 17 Jun 2020 22:58
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On machine A which is running i3wm inside the default gdm, i can use`gio mount` without any issue, with gvfs is installed globally.
On machine B which is running sway inside sddm or without a displaymanager, it invariably fails with "volume doesn't implement mount".Yes, the hostname is correct, yes it can reach it over the network.Connecting with sshfs works, but gio with the sftp protocol does not.
I tried installing fuse as well, looked for any kind of dependency imissed, but couldn't find anything. I'm pretty tired and angry thatsomething that should be trivial doesn't work. I mostly blame GVFS, butit would be really nice if it was documented somewhere what the hellpeople are supposed to install to get their file managers working.
Based on conversations on IRC, others are also having this problem andthey also couldn't find a solution.
Could someone who knows what the hell GVFS is doing help with this? I'dreally like to avoid installing the entirety of Gnome just to mount somefolders.
raingloom wrote on 1 Jul 2020 20:32
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bump...Does no one know how to fix this? Or is this just not a priority?
raingloom wrote on 2 Jul 2020 21:37
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This is also an issue when trying to use USB devices.For instance I couldn't get my microSD adapter working on the SDDMmachine, but it works flawlessly on my GDM based one.
See also the udisks related report from IRC:
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