Forgotten issues

IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
17150Stale bootstrap/*/guile-2.0.9.tar.xz files are not detectedMon Mar 31 21:22:27+0200 2014Open
17152GNU Guix backend for PackageKit / Gnome-SoftwareMon Mar 31 22:11:26+0200 2014Open
18640[wishlist] fontconfig's cache is not refreshed automaticallySun Oct 05 23:53:27+0200 2014Open
18838zsh test suite failures, possibly due to 'noatime' mount flagSun Oct 26 02:23:27+0100 2014Open
20255patch'search-paths' should respect both user and system profile.Sat Apr 04 12:29:28+0200 2015Open
20402guix cannot download via an http proxyWed Apr 22 01:00:26+0200 2015Open
20803guix-daemon: support ftp_proxy environment variableSat Jun 13 16:39:27+0200 2015Open
20816Excessive negative cache time for DNS lookupsMon Jun 15 04:44:28+0200 2015Open
21097unreproducibleverify-store test failure on armhf-linuxMon Jul 20 21:06:25+0200 2015Open
21992UI should display the size of items to downloadMon Nov 23 16:05:25+0100 2015Open
22020guile-sdl-0.5.2 fails to install on i686Fri Nov 27 00:11:26+0100 2015Open
22053'call-with-container' fails when CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES is not setSun Nov 29 19:30:25+0100 2015Open
22100'font-alias' breaks other xorg font packages when installed in a single profileSun Dec 06 10:19:27+0100 2015Open
22129python-matplotlib: Non-deterministic build failures on armhfThu Dec 10 02:12:25+0100 2015Open
22138Search paths of dependencies are not honoredThu Dec 10 10:36:26+0100 2015Open
22251ghc-memory test suite fails on i686Sun Dec 27 20:35:25+0100 2015Open
22304Build for Julia is not reproducibleMon Jan 04 17:29:26+0100 2016Open
22366Chicken Scheme release tarballs ship non-source C codeWed Jan 13 19:54:25+0100 2016Open
22459Guix tools should not honor NIX_* environment variablesMon Jan 25 01:38:25+0100 2016Open
22608Module system thread unsafety and .go compilationTue Feb 09 21:02:25+0100 2016Open
22707IBus relies on possibly outdated ~/.cache/ibus/bus/registryTue Feb 16 20:37:25+0100 2016Open
22745guix http downloads don't resumeSat Feb 20 09:35:25+0100 2016Open
23045mysql_config missing references to sed and gawkThu Mar 17 20:52:25+0100 2016Open
23072moreinfoGuixSD SSD install hangs at clocksourceSun Mar 20 20:53:25+0100 2016Open
23118Duplicate entries in various environment variablesSat Mar 26 05:00:26+0100 2016Open
23196GNOME "Sharing" settings is blankSat Apr 02 23:31:25+0200 2016Open
23197Duplicate entries in GNOME "Search" settingsSat Apr 02 23:34:25+0200 2016Open
23198GNOME: Execution of "gkbd-keyboard-display" failed: Command not foundSat Apr 02 23:39:25+0200 2016Open
23317openssh: ssh client: xauth path is invalid - "/usr/X11R6/bin/xauth"Tue Apr 19 22:39:25+0200 2016Open
23582'call-with-container' fails to mount /dev/mqueue with EBUSY (on Ubuntu)Thu May 19 17:18:25+0200 2016Open
23666'add-to-store' RPC loads files in memory (daemon-side)Tue May 31 21:56:26+0200 2016Open
23828unsupported sexp item type #f ```Wed Jun 22 19:08:26+0200 2016Open
23874duplicates in manifests are “installed” more than onceThu Jun 30 15:59:26+0200 2016Open
24028Linux-libre kernel does not build deterministicallyTue Jul 19 19:22:26+0200 2016Open
24053guix download file:// fails with a ~2 GB file on i686Fri Jul 22 19:19:26+0200 2016Open
24066icecat "mailto" handler does not work - and cannot be reconfigured by userMon Jul 25 09:35:25+0200 2016Open
24083guix lint doesn't actually fail on some errorsWed Jul 27 00:25:25+0200 2016Open
24097‘operating-system’ lacks a way to populate /run/modprobe.dThu Jul 28 17:26:25+0200 2016Open
24099A policy on how to choose the installed documentation formats.Thu Jul 28 17:31:26+0200 2016Open
24156QEMU '-net bridge' --> "qemu-system-x86_64: -net bridge: bridge helper failed"Fri Aug 05 04:41:26+0200 2016Open
24352clojure does not build reproduciblyFri Sep 02 07:12:25+0200 2016Open
24496offloading should fall back to local build after n triesWed Sep 21 17:40:26+0200 2016Open
24626offloading does not honor --fallbackThu Oct 06 10:54:25+0200 2016Open
24674Dropbear bundled librariesWed Oct 12 17:15:26+0200 2016Open
24737`guix lint` should not check patch-file-names on inherited sourcesWed Oct 19 17:32:25+0200 2016Open
24841Cross-building bootstrap binaries fail in current masterMon Oct 31 22:59:26+0100 2016Open
24937"deleting unused links" GC phase is too slowSun Nov 13 18:41:26+0100 2016Open
25018GC incorrectly removes the temporary root file of the calling processThu Nov 24 15:07:25+0100 2016Open
25094Add comments to archive keys and aclsFri Dec 02 18:38:25+0100 2016Open
25138guix import hackage darcs: fails due to flag executableThu Dec 08 14:56:26+0100 2016Open
25235Wrapped python programs get native-inputs in PYTHONPATHTue Dec 20 00:29:26+0100 2016Open
25281rust importer duplicates inputTue Dec 27 17:10:26+0100 2016Open
25296fully functional desktop installationThu Dec 29 23:10:27+0100 2016Open
25304Libtool's should have its shebang preservedSat Dec 31 00:34:26+0100 2016Open
25305patchLUKS-encrypted root and unencrypted /boot with GuixSD 0.12.0Sat Dec 31 00:52:25+0100 2016Open
25314clisp not reproducibleSat Dec 31 23:48:25+0100 2016Open
25325elogind does not set ACLs promptlySun Jan 01 23:59:25+0100 2017Open
25327cargo build-system should be able to filter out target.cfg(windows) dependenciesMon Jan 02 01:45:25+0100 2017Open
25415MySQL "server has gone away" when reloading database dump due to "max_allowed_packet" defaultWed Jan 11 01:30:24+0100 2017Open
25425lua does not set search pathsThu Jan 12 11:57:25+0100 2017Open
25437awesome breaks on configuration reloadFri Jan 13 16:19:25+0100 2017Open
25504icecat language packsSat Jan 21 18:31:25+0100 2017Open
25508Git hook shebangs should not be rewrittenMon Jan 23 00:26:24+0100 2017Open
25514SDDM segfaults X11 session on first reconfigureMon Jan 23 19:50:24+0100 2017Open
25527PostgreSQL retains references to ld-wrapper and coreutilsWed Jan 25 09:57:24+0100 2017Open
25568LUKS on top of RAID not supportedSun Jan 29 00:23:24+0100 2017Open
25667store references in ~/.config/xfce4Thu Feb 09 17:47:25+0100 2017Open
25719"guix package -i" exception should be a normal error messageTue Feb 14 09:41:24+0100 2017Open
25752go incremental builds brokenThu Feb 16 16:05:24+0100 2017Open
25848patch[PATCH] gnu: %bootstrap-coreutils&co: Patch egrep/fgrep to point to the correct grep.Thu Feb 23 12:41:24+0100 2017Open
25849patch[PATCH] gnu: %bootstrap-coreutils&co: Patch egrep/fgrep to point to the correct grep.Thu Feb 23 12:41:25+0100 2017Open
25865xinit does not allow non-root startxFri Feb 24 19:50:24+0100 2017Open
25913metabug: move packages to new upstream locationsWed Mar 01 13:38:24+0100 2017Open
25937luks mapped-devices does not support multiple mapped-devicesThu Mar 02 17:21:24+0100 2017Open
25952moreinfooffloading: empty machines file leads to errorFri Mar 03 16:48:24+0100 2017Open
25957gitolite broken: created repositories keep references to /usr/bin for hooksFri Mar 03 21:49:25+0100 2017Open
26035guix pull does not handle url lists and unreachable requestsThu Mar 09 14:42:24+0100 2017Open
26199claws-mail needs to be built with libenchant supportMon Mar 20 22:51:25+0100 2017Open
26202Guix in foreign distributions: setting XDG_DATA_DIRS causes user session to not startTue Mar 21 03:24:25+0100 2017Open
26215gschemas.compiled should not be added to the profile by multiple packagesWed Mar 22 09:30:25+0100 2017Open
26247Gettext introduces timestamps in .mo filesFri Mar 24 23:54:24+0100 2017Open
26252shepherd: make error message for service not found 'smarter'Sat Mar 25 13:31:25+0100 2017Open
26275patch[PATCH] build: perl-build-system: Add `wrap' phase.Mon Mar 27 21:39:25+0200 2017Open
26283xfce: lid close does not suspend systemTue Mar 28 19:52:25+0200 2017Open
26430xlockmore on xfce4 with non-fatal font issuesMon Apr 10 11:50:25+0200 2017Open
26489patch[PATCH] substitute: Ignore bad responses.Fri Apr 14 02:27:25+0200 2017Open
26594guix pull --bootstrap does not workFri Apr 21 21:10:24+0200 2017Open
26604documentation: pdf generation is brokenSat Apr 22 13:10:24+0200 2017Open
26608Provide --only-substitutes flag to "guix package --upgrade"Sat Apr 22 18:03:25+0200 2017Open
26645guix potluckMon Apr 24 22:53:25+0200 2017Open
26695openssh password-authentication? should be #f by defaultFri Apr 28 16:37:25+0200 2017Open
26696openssh: root 'without-password & password-authentication #f both breaks serviceFri Apr 28 16:52:25+0200 2017Open
26715xorg-service includes xf86-video-intel unconditionallySun Apr 30 09:16:24+0200 2017Open
26732add '--target=' option for 'guix environment' (similar to 'guix build')Mon May 01 13:36:25+0200 2017Open
26734Snippets (even empty ones) of tar sources reset the timestamps of all filesMon May 01 15:57:25+0200 2017Open
26749mask files from shebang patcher (git, libtool and stagit)Tue May 02 18:42:25+0200 2017Open
26811guix does not resume download on FTP timeoutsSun May 07 10:32:25+0200 2017Open
26830Allow services to implement a 'reload' actionMon May 08 17:25:24+0200 2017Open
26833guix dies on unreachable/problematic substitute serverMon May 08 17:40:25+0200 2017Open
26877building fonts: fontcache must be updated regularyThu May 11 10:37:25+0200 2017Open