[PATCH] gnu: Add dump.

DoneSubmitted by Marcin Karpezo.
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  • zimoun
Marcin Karpezo wrote on 16 May 2020 15:38
(address . guix-patches@gnu.org)(name . Marcin Karpezo)(address . sirmacik@wioo.waw.pl)
* gnu/packages/backup.scm (dump): New variable.--- gnu/packages/backup.scm | 40 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1 file changed, 40 insertions(+)
Toggle diff (60 lines)diff --git a/gnu/packages/backup.scm b/gnu/packages/backup.scmindex 6a5080bcf8..9655c4a0f6 100644--- a/gnu/packages/backup.scm+++ b/gnu/packages/backup.scm@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ ;;; Copyright © 2019 Marius Bakke <mbakke@fastmail.com> ;;; Copyright © 2019 Mathieu Othacehe <m.othacehe@gmail.com> ;;; Copyright © 2020 Nicolas Goaziou <mail@nicolasgoaziou.fr>+;;; Copyright © 2020 Marcin Karpezo <sirmacik@wioo.waw.pl> ;;; ;;; This file is part of GNU Guix. ;;;@@ -1026,6 +1027,45 @@ stored previously can be read back in full at any time. The program is format-agnostic, so you can feed virtually any files to it.") (license license:gpl2+))) +(define-public dump+ (package+ (name "dump")+ (version "0.4b46")+ (source+ (origin+ (method url-fetch)+ (uri (string-append "https://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/" name "/"+ name "/" version "/" name "-" version ".tar.gz"))+ (sha256+ (base32+ "15rg5y15ak0ppqlhcih78layvg7cwp6hc16p3c58xs8svlkxjqc0"))))+ (build-system gnu-build-system)+ (arguments+ `(#:configure-flags+ `("--sysconfdir=/etc"+ "--disable-readline"+ "--disable-uuid"+ "--disable-rmt")))+ (native-inputs+ `(("pkg-config" ,pkg-config)+ ("autoconf" ,autoconf)+ ("zlib" ,zlib)+ ("util-linux" ,util-linux "lib")+ ("e2fsprogs" ,e2fsprogs)+ ("automake" ,automake)))+ (inputs+ `(("openssl" ,openssl-1.0)))+ (home-page "https://dump.sourceforge.io/")+ (synopsis "Linux Ext2/3/4 filesystem dump/restore utilities")+ (description "Dump examines files in a filesystem, determines which ones+need to be backed up, and copies those files to a specified disk, tape or+other storage medium. Subsequent incremental backups can then be layered on+top of the full backup. The restore command performs the inverse function of+dump; it can restore a full backup of a filesystem. Single files and+directory subtrees may also be restored from full or partial backups in+interractive mode.")+ (license license:bsd-3)))+ (define-public burp (package (name "burp")-- 2.26.2
sirmacik wrote on 16 May 2020 16:01
Please close this issue
(address . 41323@debbugs.gnu.org)
Please close this issue in favour of 41324. I'm sorry for the mess. -- sirmacikPGP: 0xE0DC81D523891771
zimoun wrote on 16 May 2020 17:56
(name . sirmacik)(address . sirmacik@wioo.waw.pl)(address . 41323-done@debbugs.gnu.org)
On Sat, 16 May 2020 at 16:03, sirmacik <sirmacik@wioo.waw.pl> wrote:
Toggle quote (3 lines)>> Please close this issue in favour of 41324. I'm sorry for the mess.
To close an issue, you just need to answer to 41323-done@debbugs.gnu.org.
Moreover, if you want to merge 2 bugs, you can send tocontrol@debbugs.gnu.org containing the body:
merge 41324 41323

Last, because it seems that 41324 is the v2 of 41323, once you get abug number, e.g., 41323, you can send the v2 with:
git send-email --to=41323@debbugs.gnu.org v2-0001-xxxxxxx.patch

Hope that helps,simon
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